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Lighting Consultation

Whether you are building or remodeling your home, updating a few rooms or just adding some style, you not only want to find lighting that looks good, you want to make sure your fixtures meet all your needs. That's why our sales staff is trained in meeting your need as well as satisfying your sense of style. Together we can select a lighting plan that meets both your functional needs as well as decorative style.

Common Pitfalls to think about…
Imagine your beautiful chandelier doesn't function as good task lighting,...imagine your small dining area is so bright with your new lighting it is uncomfortable or so dim you can hardly see,… imagine your pretty bathroom lights are too dim to put on makeup or shave by,… imagine your outdoor lighting is so dim you don't feel safe coming home at night, but with the help and experience of a trained lighting staff assisting you in your design you can avoid these pitfalls and save yourself a lot of time and money.

What does it Cost??
It is absolutely free of charge if you purchase your lighting at M.E.W.S. Please come into our showroom and meet all of our consultants.

Special Orders
No problem. When ordering from hundreds of manufacturers we are here to meet our customer's needs and make their home uniquely beautiful. You don't want the same fixtures as your neighbors and we pride ourselves in helping you differentiate your home.

Customer Support
We take customer satisfaction very seriously and in this time of "big box" stores, our customers return time and time again knowing they will get the product, the support, and the information they need to make an informed decision and get their job done right the first time.